$ 35.00
$ 35.00

Furick Cup BBW has been a favorite for a lot of great welding Talent, We are proud to offer the beloved BBW in a Ceramic version.

This full ceramic model comes with and spare screen and this model threads on your 45V44 gas lens if you have a 9 or 20 torch ,  Or   if you have a 17,18 or 26 torch you will need the adapter kit , This cup is recommended for DC only and 3/32 tungsten. It will give best results with 30 CFH of argon flow.

A few tips

Keep tungsten clean at all times

Start arc at a low amperage , Establish Arc on tip of tungsten then roll into the desired amperage, If arc wanders clean tungsten or damage to the Screen Diffuser is possible.

Keep screen in the shape it comes with and try not to deform the screen, If screen replacement is needed make sure Screen is sealed against the walls of the cup or undesired results may occur.

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