$ 195.00

Is taking about a month to shipped!!! 

6x2.75 aulektro included 

State of the Art Goggle 

Carbon Fiber material

Custom elastic strap


•What size Lens is that?
ANSWER: 6x2.75
•Where can I buy the Lens?
ANSWER: Only at Outlaw Leather at a very very very affordable price (first one is free)
•What kind of Lens is included?
ANSWER: Germany 🇩🇪 made Aulektro Lens, Gold plated with aqua blue technology
•Will the goggle face comfort sponge burn?
ANSWER: Absolutely not, but we will also sale replacement face sponge really really cheap after normal wear and tear.
•What's included?
ANSWER: Carbon Fiber Pancake, Aulektro Lens, Clear Lens, Custom Outlaw Leather Strap, 
•Will a flip-up Lens be an option?
ANSWER: Not at the moment

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