General Tools 370-2 Horseshoe Power Alnico Magnets, 12-Pound Pull

$ 12.99
  • General Tools and Instruments Alnico magnets featuring aluminum, nickel, and cobal alloy are built for heavy duty use and will not naturally demagnetize over time
  • The strong magnetic pull of these industrial grade magnet makes it perfect for lifting, holding, sorting, clamping or retrieving steel or iron parts
  • Alnico magnets will retain their magnetic force indefinitely; removable keepers insure a long life and optimum performance
  • These horseshoe magnets feature a hole on top for attaching to conveyors, racks, welding jigs, and other applications
  • This strong magnet weighs 2 ounces, measures 1-1/8 in. width x 3/4 in. height x 3/4 in. depth, the opening between poles is 9/16 inch and the cored hole is 3/16 inch; pulls up to 13 lbs

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