True View 3395, 2 X 4-1/4 " Drop-in Single Shade Auto Darkening Filter

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$ 39.99


  • This welding filter works in virtually all applications except ocy-acetylene, laser and very low amperage welding.
  • This new welding filter is always ready to function.  The unique rechargable battery ensures you many years of reliable operation.
  • Usually daily usage will keep the battery fully charged. If you are going to store your filter for over a period of a month, it is recommended that you store the filter with solar panels facing a source of light e.g. sunlight or a lamp used daily.
  • In order to increase the shade level, passive shade 1 and 2 polycarbonates could be inserted behind the welding filter.  The additional shade will affect both light and dark shades.



Optical Rating: 1/1/1/2

Light State: DIN3

Dark State DIN11

Switching Time: <0.5 ms at room temp.

Cartridge Size: 108 x 50.8 x 5mm

Viewing Area: 97 x 35mm 

Delay Time: 0.2 seconds

Sensors: two independent wide range photo sensors

Power Supply: Solar battery & lithium battery 2 x cr927

Weight: 125 grams 0.27 lbs

Water & dust proof: Yes

UV and IR Protection: up to shade 16

Warranty:  1 year

Operating temp: +23 - 131 degrees F (-5 +55 degrees c)

Storage temp: -4 -158 degrees (-20 + 64 degrees c)

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